Annual Fund Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is the highest priority for fundraising at The Campus School (CS). Each gift provides an immediate and direct benefit to students and faculty. The Annual Fund provides the needed resources to bridge the gap between the tuition our families pay and the actual cost. We also seek financial help to support special projects, improve and enhance our facilities and programs.

Is giving to the Annual Fund unique to CS?

No. Independent schools have long relied upon the generosity and loyalty of their constituencies to advance their institutions. Very few, if any, private, independent schools, colleges or universities meet full operational and improvement costs through tuition alone.

Why does the school ask us for contributions in addition to tuition and fees?

The cost of an independent school education is such that tuition and fees do not cover the actual total cost of educating each student. As is the case with many other schools, our development efforts are designed to solicit charitable gifts in order to bridge the gap between income and the actual cost of operating and significantly improving the school program and facility.

What does The Campus School anticipate from each member of the CS community?

In addition to paying tuition, we hope that you would choose to:

  • Participate in the Annual Fund, to the extent that you are financially able;
  • Volunteer to help or take part in the special events sponsored by CS and;
  • Support the periodic capital campaigns, which are necessary to provide new facilities, improvements and endowment.

Can I designate a gift for a special purpose?

Certainly! Although the Annual Fund seeks unrestricted gifts, if there is a project that you would like to fund, please let us know.

Why ask current CS parents for donations? Have we asked foundations and businesses in the community to consider supporting the school?

Yes, we have. Our development efforts include soliciting foundations, grants and local businesses. However, these prospective donors often want to see initial support from the CS community before they will commit to the effort. This is why 100% participation is critical.

May we make a contribution of something other than cash?

Of course. There are many ways to make a contribution to CS. The Advancement Office can help you determine what type of gift is most appropriate for your circumstances and our needs. Please also consider donating time and expertise through volunteer service. Tell others about the special place that is The Campus School and help spread the word about our wonderful school.

My company offers a matching gifts program or United Way partnering effort. Would CS be interested in this program?

Absolutely. Matching gifts are an easy way to double or, in some cases, triple your gift to CS. Please let us know when you contribute, that your company offers matching gifts. If you give through United Way, please designate Campus School (#4463) as the recipient of your gift.

How much should we give?

Only you can decide. We ask you to remember that your contribution, along with those of all our donors, will directly enhance a child’s educational experience while signaling to the greater community and potential major donors that our constituency collectively supports the programs and services of CS.

How much have others given?

Nearly everything we have and enjoy using at CS, as an educational institution, is here because someone gave or built or donated as a special gift. As previous donors have contributed to our current student population, we must also provide for future generations. The only gift too small is no gift at all.