SCRIP Rewards Program

SCRIP is a fundraising program for schools and organizations. It’s named for a general term used in the retail industry referring to substitutes for legal tender – in this case gift cards as credit.

How does the Scrip Program work?

Under the SCRIP program, families will purchase gift cards from a list of participating retailers for routine purchases. This list includes a variety of grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants and clothing stores including Giant Eagle/Get-Go, Target, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, and LandsEnd. To view the complete list of participating merchants, you can browse by category here.

Each retailer offers a credit to The Campus School in varying percentages. For example, Giant Eagle offers a 4% credit and Eat N’ Park offers a 10% credit. Thus, an Eat N’ Park $100 gift card will generate $10 for the school.

There is no extra cost to families & friends to participate in the SCRIP Rewards Program. You simply purchase the gift cards of merchants that you normally patronize, and our school will receive the credit.

How do I participate in the Scrip Program?

There are multiple ways to participate. You can easily join our program by enrolling here, under our school enrollment code: D8A36D1L37531. Once you are enrolled, you will be able to directly place your orders online.

Get Started Now

Or, you can fill out a hardcopy order form (found in the office or available as a pdf here) and return it to school, labeled SCRIP program.

Or, you are always welcome to stop by the Scrip Store in the main office and purchase select gift cards on site.

You can pay for your order by signing up for online payment (called PrestoPay in your account) or make checks payable to: The Campus School PTA – SCRIP. The coordinator will place orders on Wednesday of each week, and your gift cards will be available the following Monday.

Finally, please complete the attached Release Form, letting us know how you prefer to receive your gift cards. This form need only be filled out once at the beginning of the academic year.

Participating Merchants

SCRIP Rewards Program FAQ

What retailer gift cards are available?

The list of participating retailers is quite extensive. For example, Giant Eagle/Get-Go, Target, Barnes & Noble, and Starbucks are all participants. A partial list can be found on the paper order form. The full list can be found at

Are there ever changes to the rewards percentages that my school can earn?

Yes! The national SCRIP program offers increased percentages as specials, for select vendors at a time. Please visit this page for information about current percentage specials. Or, if you are already shopping under ‘Shop’, just click ‘Special Offers’.

This list changes, so stop back frequently. It’s a great way to stock up on your favorite cards when bonus percentages are offered, earning our school even more rewards. (Note: you can also see special offers listed under the regular location. However, under this tab they are not group advertised. Instead, you will come across them alphabetically by vendor).

How do I participate?

We are asking every Campus School family to participate in this program!

You will be able to order gift cards on a weekly basis (through a paper order form OR directly online – our preference), and you will receive your gift cards the following week.

This program is year round, so you can continually shop using gift cards and earn our school credit. Whether you buy weekly, monthly or stock up for gifts, before holidays, or prior to special home projects. EVERY opportunity to pay using SCRIP gift cards will help our school.

Additionally, we sell select cards everyday at The Campus School in our SCRIP Store (located in the main office). You can stop by anytime to purchase select gift cards, with no wait. Our SCRIP Store currently stocks: Target, Giant Eagle, Starbucks, Whole Foods, Amazon and iTunes.

Can my friends & extended family participate?

Absolutely! The more people we can get involved in SCRIP, the more rewards we can earn.

Please give your friends & family our Introductory Letter, tailored for them. It can be found at found here under ‘For Parents’ titled ‘SCRIP Explanation for Friends of The Campus School.pdf’

Also, please provide your friends and family with a copy of the SCRIP Order Form (found here under ‘For Parents’ under ‘SCRIP Program’). They can send it in with your child, drop it off personally at the school, or via mail:

SCRIP Program Coordinator
The Carlow Campus School
3333 5th Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

All orders will come back to them through your preference, as designated on the SCRIP Release Form.

What is the SCRIP Release Form?

The SCRIP Release Form is a one time form that you submit, letting us know how you would like to receive your gift cards. All ordered gift cards can be sent home with your child OR they can be picked up in the main office OR they can be mailed to your home via US Post.

You must fill out this form, one time per year only, so that we have a record of your preference. We will not release any gift cards to children without prior permission.

The Release Form can be found on our website, under the ‘For Parents’ tab, under SCRIP Program.

How do I place my order?

There are two ways to order: Paper Form OR Online

Paper Form Ordering

Please fill out a hardcopy SCRIP Order Form, which can be found on the school’s website under ‘For Parents’ under ‘SCRIP Program’. Please return the form to school with your child, labeled SCRIP program.

You can pay cash or make checks payable to: The Campus School PTA – SCRIP.

Online Ordering – our preferred method

You will set up an account (one time only, no fees) here by clicking on the ‘Join Your Existing Scrip Program’ tab. You will fill out the registration form and accept the terms. You will directly place your gift card orders online, under our school enrollment code. The enrollment code for The Campus School is D8A36D1L37531.

Get Started Now

Once you place your online orders, you will be prompted to ‘Submit Order’. You must press this button for your order to be placed with our school. You will be paying by check or with PrestoPay™, which links directly to your bank account.

Once you submit an order, you will be shown an ‘Order Confirmation’ page. If you want, you can use the printer friendly version to send a copy in with your check. However, we will still accept orders without the printed confirmation, as long as we receive your labeled check and it matches the order in the system.

Pay cash, make checks payable to: The Campus School PTA – SCRIP, or pay through PrestoPay™.

(Please Note: All orders are placed on Wednesdays. Thus, your payment must be received by Wednesday of the week you place your order or it will be held until the following Wednesday.)

Can I pay for my order with a credit card or ACH?

Yes. You can link your personal ACH account to the Scrip Program through PrestoPay™. The SCRIP Program will automatically debit your personal account for payment, at the time you place your order.

The corporate SCRIP Program does not have a credit card option, due to high processing fees associated with credit card payments.

How do I sign up for Presto Pay?

PrestoPay™ is a convenient way for you to pay for your orders, on-line, at the time you place your order. GLSC will debit your designated account for the face value of the order plus a small convenience fee of $0.15 on the day the order is placed.

To enroll, please go to your family account at You should then click on the ‘My Account’ tab. Click on ‘PrestoPay™’ in the left hand column. You can follow the enrollment process by reading the overview and clicking on the ‘Yes, and I agree’ tab at the bottom.

Once you have enrolled for PrestoPay™, the GLSC will verify your account information and send you a PrestoPay™ Approval Code. You must forward this code to the Scrip Coordinator to complete your enrollment.

Once you are fully enrolled, you can order anytime online. Simply fill your shopping cart and chose PrestoPay™ as your payment method at the end. Your order will be delivered to you on the next school delivery day, unless you are ordering Reload or ScripNow, which will come to you much sooner. For additional help with PrestoPay™, please read the PrestoPay™ guide attached here.

PLEASE NOTE: If you pay for your order with PrestoPay™, and your payment is returned or rejected for any reason, one of the following actions will be taken:

  • If the family order has not been released by our organization, GLSC will cancel the family order and CHARGE OUR NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION A BANK CHARGE OF $30.00. Your family will then owe us the $30.00 fee.
  • If the family order has been released by your organization, GLSC will CHARGE OUR NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION for the face value of your order, PLUS A BANK CHARGE OF $30.00. Your family will then owe us that full amount.

Can I just re-load my SCRIP gift cards, instead of ordering new cards each time?

Yes! A number of vendors offer re-loadable gift cards.

For these vendors, you must originally purchase a regular plastic card. Then, for all future orders you specify the amount you want re-loaded onto your card under the ‘Reload’ feature for that vendor. You will be prompted to enter the card number and to designate a card name.

Once you place your reload order online, you must still submit your payment to the school via check or pay with PrestoPay™. You will find the reload amount applied to your card’s balance when the school’s purchase order goes through for that week (if paid by check) or within a day (if paid by PrestoPay™).

A list of the vendors that offer re-loadable cards can be found at under the ‘Reload Brands’

You are encouraged to register cards with the vendor company if you are using the reload feature, to protect your card & it’s balance from being lost or stolen. You will also be able to view transaction histories for many of these companies.

Can I eliminate plastic gift cards and just receive an eCard?

Yes! Many vendors offer eCards that can be printed or loaded directly onto your smart phone.

To view the list of vendors offering eCards, go to and click on the ScripNow tab.

Once you place your ScripNow! order online, you must still submit your payment to the school via check or PrestoPay™. You will receive email notification when your eCard is ready to be printed and used. Some vendors don’t even need a printed eCard, some are able to scan these eCards right from your smart phone.

(Note: You can also use the ScripNow! eCard feature to send eGifts to other people! They will receive an email notification that they have an eCard available for printing and use.) For more information, please go to this page.

NEW! You can now organize all of your ScripNow eCards via a convenient app call My SCRIP Wallet. This smart phone app allows you to organize and access all of your redeemable gift cards on your phone, without having to carry the cards with you! Simply download the MyScripWallet app onto your smart phone. You can order and redeem directly through the app.

When will I receive my ordered cards?

All orders are submitted to the organization on a weekly basis. The Campus School collects and submits orders on Wednesdays. The orders are then distributed to you the following Monday afternoon.

‘Reloads’ and ‘ScripNow!’ cards are received much sooner. These orders are sent directly to your existing gift card or to your email as soon as our order is processed with the company, if you paid via check. If you pay with PrestoPay, you receive these orders in minutes. You do not have to wait for shipping & delivery.

Will my gift cards expire?

Most of the gift cards do not have an expiration date. However, to be certain, all of the retailer’s show you views of their gift cards online. You can view any retailer’s gift card (front and back) by going to Click on the retailer and then click on ‘Click to View Card Image’.

Bottom line, how much will our school earn with SCRIP?

This depends solely upon how much our friends & families use it! Each retailer offers a different percentage back. The more people involved, the more we can earn.

In extreme cases, one person can buy $5000-$10,000 worth of Home Depot SCRIP for a kitchen remodel, immediately earning our school $200-$400 or another person might buy Disney gift cards to fund their whole Disney vacation.

More likely, you will change your family’s spending habits and purchase all of your gas/groceries/clothing/home goods on a weekly or monthly basis by using SCRIP cards for all of these routine purchases. For example, one person might buy $1500-$2000 month across a variety of cards and earn our school $60-$200.

This program is wonderful! How can I help?

Please volunteer your time by joining our SCRIP Team and assist in the planning and operations of the program! You can also sign up to verify orders, verify accounting, or fill orders. Please contact the Program Coordinator, Jacquelyn at to volunteer.

Why am I receiving emails from the corporate Scrip Company? Can I stop them?


Once you begin participating in the SCRIP Program, your email becomes part of the operations for the program. The Scrip Company then uses our accounts for their general advertisements. Our apologies, be we do not have control over the program’s distribution list.

To unsubscribe to these emails, please click on the ‘SafeUnsubscribe’ tab at the very bottom of their email.

Who do I contact for additional information or questions?

Jacquelyn Cynkar
SCRIP Program Coordinator